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365 Day Access to PM City Interactive Online PMP Exam Prep Course

365 Day Access to PM City Interactive Online PMP Exam Prep Course


Gain a full year's access - 365 days - to the entire PM City!


Come and go 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Perfect if you don't know the exact date you plan or are scheduled to sit for your 6th edition PMP certification exam, but you are going to do it this year! You are going to make this your year where you are successful and PMP certified. This is the perfect PMP training class for you.


The amazing PM City Interactive Online Course was built from ground up exclusively for the 6th edition of the PMBOK and the PMP certification exam. After 13 years of delivering project management classroom training and e-learning courses in older, more traditional manners, The Crowd Training has spent 19 months of development to redesign project management learning and PMP exam prepartion in a whole new and dynamic way.  This extraordinary 35 hour Project Management Professional course is a fully interactive wonder to prepare you for the 6th edition of the PMBOK based PMP exam. 


PMI accepts The Crowd Training course material to comply with the 35 hour project management requirement for the PMP application. So you can use PM City 6th edition as your primary PMP certification exam prep material or as supplemental material to enhance your preparations. PM City is unlike any other project management self paced training material available in the world. Enter a new way of learning and preparing.


Upon purchase, you gain one full year access to the huge expansive of PMBoK 6th edition based preparation content for those planning to take the PMP or CAPM certification exam or simply seeking to become more versed in the terms and best practices of project management.


This content includes:

  • colorful graphics and visuals graphically design for this course [no cheesy clip art and stock photos!],
  • engaging interactivity to make your learning active, at your pace, and at your control
  • professional voiceovers done in a casual conversational manner [no reading PowerPoint slides!],
  • whiteboard explanations to sketch out and explain the many project managment concepts and best practices,
  • interactive games to confirm your retention of the content and have a bit of fun to solidify your knowledge and memorization to the mass amount of learning content,
  • assessments to check your learning as you progress,
  • sample PMP mock exam questions to expose you to the PMP exam to transfer your learning to exam questions you may face when you sit for the official PMP certification exam,
  • comment and discussions boards to ask questions to fellow PMP seekers, PM Citizens, and Instructors
  • reading tasks to incorporate more learning styles and opportunities to consume the content,
  • full color "PM City Guides" for every PM City neighborhood, 
  • complete navigation control thru the PM City,
  • discounts to in person classroom weekend training classes held throughout the United States
  • and so much more!


What are your waiting for, book your ticket to PM City!??!


As soon as your purchase, you are given keys to the city. The instructions in the PDF explain how to use your key to enter PM Ctiy and start learning.


Full details at 


Like nothing in the project management training world you have every seen before. The Crowd Training's PM City is an online engaging training course that guides you thru the mounds of content required for any PMP candidate to sit for and pass the PMP certification exam! Using interactivity and advanced, modern instructional design and instructional technology, PM City presents a better, more effective way to prepare for the grueling, demanding PMP certification exam. 


You are in control of your learning! Take control. Experience success!

Your access is good for as long as you want it! Not sure when you want to sit for the exam? No problem. Not even sure you know when you want to start studying? No problem. Just curious to see how the product keeps getting better and better? You can!


Modules Included in this Course

Each of the following modules include interactive lessons, video, animations, assessments & review games.

Project Integration Management
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plan (PMP)
Direct and Manage Project Work
Manage Project Knowledge
Monitor Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Close Project or Project Phase
Project Scope Management
Plan Scope Management
Collect Requirements
Define Scope
Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Validate Scope
Control Scope
Project Schedule Management
Plan Schedule Management
Define Activities 
Estimate Activity Durations
Three point estimation for durations extended explanation
Sequence Activities
Relationship types extended explanation
Develop Schedule
Critical path extended explanation
Control Schedule
Project Cost Management
Plan Cost Management
Three point estimation for costs extended explanation
Estimate Costs
Determine Budget
Earned Value Analysis extended explanation (EVA)
Control Costs
Project Quality Management
Plan Quality Management
Manage Quality
Control Quality
Project Risk Management
Identify Risks
Plan Risk Management
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Responses

Risk response strategies extended explanation
Implement Risk Responses
Monitor Risks
Project Resource Management
Plan Resources Management
Estimate Activity Resources
Acquire Resources
Develop Team
Manage Team
Control Resources
Project Communications Management
Plan Communications Management
Manage Communications
Monitor Communications
Project Procurement Management
Contract types extended explanation
Plan Procurement Management
Conduct Procurements
Control Procurements
Project Stakeholder Management
Who are stakeholders extended explanation
Identify Stakeholders
Plan Stakeholder Engagement

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
Navigating PM 6 City (Course Introduction)
Purpose and design of this course
Working with The Crowd Training
Obtaining Your PMP
Preparing and studying for the exam
PMI application and guidance

Projects, Programs, Projects, and the PMBOK
Traditional project management v agile project management
Knowledge areas and process groups

Project Environments
Project selection
Project documents and project plans
Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)
Organizational Process Assets (OPA)
Project organizational structures
Role and skills of a Project Manager
Professional Responsibility
Printing certificate of completion

This course presents you a certificate of completion that is accepted by PMI as proof you have successfully completed your 35 hours of project management training as is a requirement on the PMP application on 


'PMI', 'PMP',  'Project Management Professional', and 'PMBOK' are trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc. 


NOTE: Purchasing this course and the highly discounted course is good for one full year. You may not cancel or request refunds during the one year course period. By purchasing this course you are agreeing to those terms and conditions.

  • Tech Specs

    PM City runs in your web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone. Reliable internet to stream the content is highly recommend. 

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