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Example of New PMP Questions

New PMP exam question formats.


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PMI Application Lesson

Your passport to becoming a Project Management Professional starts with the PMI application. This quick lesson briefly explains the application process and what happens along the way. 

The application is good for a year. We recommend getting that started early as you progress on your journey.


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You Did What In My Shoes?

When you are building and designing how much do you really understand the other's perspectives? This interactive lesson presents the topics of user perspectives, user stories, personas, and immersive empathy. There is even a fun Mad-Lib styled story building activity!


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Example Course

PM City is made of many neighborhoods based on the 10 knowledge areas of the 6th edition PMBOK as well as common areas that cover the topics that stretch across PM City. There are also games, activities, videos, practice questions, and so much more. 

Explore some of PM City, then become a full PM Citizen!


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Drawn Out Project Management Videos

Whiteboard drawing explanations of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th edition processes and other concepts are available to you for free from The Crowd Training. Also available here



Launch Your PM City Plan

PM Citizen plans start at $19.


Becoming a PM Citizen grants you full access to all the current PMP exam material as well as every new development! With the PMP exam changing on Jan 2, 2021, you get full access to existing 2020 content and all the new content!


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PM Guy's Trip to PM City

Play this quick question based game on the concepts of the PMI's Talent Triangle. The Talent Triangle focuses on the project manager's key skills of:

- Technical project management

- Leadership

- Strategic & Business management


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Become a Full PM Citizen

Upgrade from a Free Pass to a full access pass!

Upgrade for a year for only $79. That's $420 in savings! 


Or be a PM Citizen for life! This includes personal tutoring sessions.

Lifetime Pass - $720


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PMP Exam Free Sample 

Sample 10 question PMP 6th edition free exam to provide examples of The Crowd Training exam questions, as well as experiencing the format. The question order and answers are randomized. For the paid PMP Mock Exams there are more questions, so the randomization returns different questions each time you launch a session. Answers are provided at the end of the exam.


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More Free Content Coming Soon

The Crowd Training is extending more free content to you over the next few months. Keep checking this space for more updates.