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Window Pane Game - Process Mapping [Download Version]

Window Pane Game - Process Mapping [Download Version]


For those candidates studying for the Project Management Professional - PMP - certification exam, memorizing and understanding the project management process group and knowledge area map (sometimes referred to as a 'matrix') is critical. Having a solid grasp as to how and where the project management process are classified helps you visualize the concepts and organize your thinking. Aligning your understanding of the processes to the way in which the Project Management Institute (PMI) arranges the processes enables you to better compartemalize the complex world of project management best practices. 

Play this game to know your processes and how they are placed. Become profecient! Become a master at setting each and every process into its associated knowledge area and process group cell. Soon you will become so good, you will do it before the taxi passes!

Have fun and learn!

This download version of the game allows you unlimited play on any device. Simply unzip the file and open the story.html file in any web browser - you don't need to be online to play since it pulls the data from the unzipped file folder. So you can play on the plane or whereever your mobile life takes you!


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