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Success! PMP Exam Questions and Answers 5th Ed Course

Success! PMP Exam Questions and Answers 5th Ed Course

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For those planning to sit for the 5th edition PMBOK based PMP Exam, here is the perfect supplement to your preparations. And since the clock is ticking for those who want to take the 5th edition exam, I am helping out by reducing this project management training course down to only $10. No coupon needed. The Crowd Training wants you to be successful on your PMP certfication exam. This is a fantastic resource to help you by successful! 


This course includes 100 high quality PMP exam type questions with detailed debriefing of each and every of those 100 PMP questions. 


I have spent hours and hours putting this course together for you in
hopes that it assists you on your path to becoming a Project Management
Professional or PMP for short.  The PMP certification exam is an
extremely difficult exam that requires preparation - how much
preparation depends on your prior knowledge and test taking skills. 
This course focuses on the latter - test taking skills.  Here I present
you some exams based on the ten knowledge areas of the 5th edition of
the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBoK by the Project
Management Institute (also the administrators of the PMP exam).  With
each exam, I introduce the topic to you as well as debriefing every
single question.  Over the ten years I have been instructing PMP
certification courses, I have discovered that many of my students are
very good at taking tests, while others struggle.  And since taking an
exam is required in order to become a project management professional, I
felt that there are a lot of people out there that could benefit from
my advice and the content I have curated over the years.  The exams I
authored and have chosen to use in this course come from a large
collection of exam questions I have written, used, edited, amended,
updated, and discussed in my PMP preparation courses throughout the
years.  I tried to pick out a few of my favorites, a few that I know
that some past students have struggled with, and others simply to round
out a topic.  I avoided the easy questions or the ones relying on strict
memorization of PMI terms and concepts.  Instead, I felt that you would
benefit more from those PMP styled questions that really make you think
or at least present the content in a more contextual setting, story, or
situation.  From time to time, I do throw a generic question meant to
test your knowledge on a term or concept, but for most of the questions I
pulled out ones that requires you to consider some of the concepts a
little deeper and/or see how you might face the concept in a somewhat
realistic scenario.  Obviously, these situations I have to create for
you in only a few sentences, while still giving you enough information
to adequately answer the questions without giving away too much or
having you know non-PMP specific content (e.g. knowledge from a certain
industry or project).


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