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Project Scope Management: A PM City Neighborhood

Project Scope Management: A PM City Neighborhood


Explore the Scope Management neighborhood of the interactive online PM City. This course is built from the ground up per the 6th edition of the PMBOK. This elearning training course covers what you need to know about the Project Scope Management knowledge area of the 6th edition of the PMBOK and supports your journey to becoming Project Management Professional (PMP) certified, if that is a goal for you.


If your goal is not to be PMP certified, then this course is also a perfect way to learn more about the Scope Management area of the project management discipline in a fun and interactive manner.


Using well researched pedagogy and instructional design, The Crowd Training has developed one of the best project management online training courses out there! Not only are the lessons accurate and built to make the learning stick, the course is extremely visual and graphically designed to be interesting and engaging.  All the explanations are purposely kept under 5 minutes each giving you complete power to control your learning and keep you at prime attention. You navigate to the content you need and want to learn about. Repeat as often as you need. You are in control. 


To solidify and present the project management learning in other ways, there are many games, reviews, mock exam questions, white board animation/explanations, and other methods to help you learn the content and become successful. You are able to transfer this learning into your project management career and to your every way work and personal life. The ultimate goal to apply this learning towards obtaining the PMP certification, but even if you never do, you will learn tremendous amounts that will assist you in the management of life and work.


This is ideal for those who are curious about PMP City but are unsure if they want to buy the whole place. Purchasing the keys to one neighborhood gives you a taste of the city without investing fully. Then when you are ready, you can purchase the entire city and earn your certificate of completion of 35 hours of project management training required by PMI for the PMP Application. This course is recognized by PMI as an acceptable provider of PMP exam preparation courseware that fulfills the 35 hour requirement. The Crowd Training shall extend a discount price if you wish to upgrade to the full PMP City course.

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