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Definitions of Project Management Game [Download]

Definitions of Project Management Game [Download]


Think you know the definitions of the Project Management Body of Knowledge? Think you can pick the correct door? Choose incorrectly - into the sea you go! 


The best way to learn the definitions of project management is to play a game. The Definition Game is an excellent way to learn the terms and distinguish them from other project management terms. Knowing the exact definitions definitely helps you in studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam as well as your daily work conversations. Knowing what a term means - more importantly, what it is suppose to mean, not how some in your workplace may try to use the term - is critical to being a reliable and knowledgeable employee. People will look to you for clarity and direction. Make certain you can answer with confidence. This game gets you there!


Get a random set of 15 terms each time you play. See if you can improve your score each time you play!


With 378 glossary words for the game to randomly select from there are lots of opportunities to play and improve your Project Management term knowledge!


Download the game. It is yours to keep. Install it on your devices. Take it with you. Learn on the go - online or offline.


Or want to play this game with dozens of others in The Crowd Training's Unlimitied Play packs? Options for 30 days, 90 days, and lifetime training game subscriptions. 

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