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Interactive Course

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Example of presenting content in an interactive, engaging manner.

As well as a Mad Lib game.

Interactive Course


Course I developed for Atlantis Hotel in Bahamas based on their messaging, objectives, and assets.

Sales Video

A teaser video that was created for a Sales Team Kickoff  Meeting to excite the sales team on a new offering. Play the video above.

Explainer Video

Video to explain a module and its concept in the software system to new onboarding customer support representatives and sales team members.

An overarching story was developed for the entire course and introduced here in the first lesson.

Internal Video

To better inform all the employees company-wide, myself and the VP of Research started a 'newscast' that would tell about things going on in the company and of other things we thought were interesting. Here is a sample episode.


Streets of pm city.png

Whiteboard Explainer Video

To assist those needing to learn the project management processes, I create a series of educational videos of whiteboard animations to explain the terms and concepts. 


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